HP 256GB SATA Solid State Drive
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Brand: HP
Product Code: A3D26AA
Solid State Drives (SSDs) are fast becoming a real force with respect to storage in the computer industry. With no moving parts, storage is no longer bound by mechanical barriers to higher performance. HP SSDs for workstations offer overall performance typcially beyond that of SAS 15k rpm HDDs (Hard Disk Drives).

- Higher overall performance than 15k HDDs based on random IOPs, sustained reads and sustained writes.
- Lower systems level acoustical emissions than systems with HDDs, especially 15k rpm HDDs.
- More rugged than HDDs with respect to shock and vibration.
- Typical wall power savings relative to a 15k drive is ~10W/drive (based on drive idle power and power supply at 85% efficiency. Active drive power deltas are slightly larger.).
- Lower system maintenance because there is no need to defragment the drive.
Certification WEEE\nREACH
Colour of product Silver
Internal Y
Compatibility HP Z210\nHP Z400\nHP Z600\nHP Z800
Memory type MLC
Other features
Device connectivity Wired
Linux operating systems supported Y
Windows operating systems supported Y
Solid-state drive capacity 256 GB
Weight & dimensions
Height 7 mm
Width 70 mm

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